Sunday, June 18, 2006

Oh No! Weekend is over!


Looks like everyone has had a good Father's Day in J-land.  Except for Amy, who is having trouble with kids, and Lisa Jo who is still sicker than sick!  Poor gals!


Well it was a nice Father's Day even though I had promised Tom NOTHING which is basically what was done for me on Mother's Day.  I guess I'm just a nice gal. 


My bigger little brother and I had invited stepDad out for lunch at the local Longhorn.  While it was nice to be together with the whole family (minus SIL & nephew, he's teething and in a bad mood) the steaks sucked!  I like mine Medium, or Medium Rare, depending on the restaurant.  Out of 7 steaks, 5 were overcooked and dry.  My little brother and my hubby were the only ones with decent steaks and Tom had ordered prime rib.  So, me & pop got our steaks removed from the bill, while the other brother opted for dessert as compensation.


I meant to take a picture of the 3 father's while we were together, but I forgot about it.  Here is TnT while we were waiting for everyone to get to the restaurant!

  Hey, why is photobucket making these things so large these days????????????  Miss T gave Tom that button a couple of years ago in a Father's Day card.  It says "Go ask your Mother".

 After dinner, I had told Miss T she could go to Uncle Stephen's and take a dip in his pool.  We're thinking of getting a pool 13x25.  Oh that would be so nice!  Here they are horsing around.  He can do a backflip on the dirt with out using his hands!  Makes me crazy this one!  He's my buddy though.   A couple of summers ago about 4am in Myrtle Beach, I dared him to streak the beach.  He did it.  Was funny, especially when his friend "stole" his clothes from the beach side and he had to run for cover (excuse the pun).  LMAO!

  These are Miss T's 20 roses that Tom gave her after the dance recital yesterday.  They were buds, but we stopped for lunch and to look at the pool selections and the heat helped them to open on up.  That's OK though since a lot of times they don't always open up fully.  She said one of the dance mates commented "Tara's flowers are bigger".  Leave it up to her Dad to make sure she has the biggest and best.  What am I going to do when she's a teenager if he keeps this up?



robinngabster said...

My daughter has an Uncle Steven only spelled differently!  :)

xxroxymamaxx said...

Glad you had a nice time. Happy fathers day.  Hugs and GBU, Shelly

garnett109 said...

Debs took me for chinese, you cant mess up rice lol ! steak houses are over rated , nobody cares today! the best beef is on the grill where you get personal with it! Thank you for reading my journal , I love my debs it is where i have a chuckle she reads it when i post it and shakes her head and calls me an ass and laughs

jckfrstross said...

glad you had a good day:) enjoy your week


am4039 said...

sorry abut the steaks but it sounded like you had a good time.

queeniemart said...

I am so glad you had a good Fathers Day other than the sucky steaks.  I love the pics and flowers....its hot as hell everywhere i guess!
LOVE YOU so,lisa

eml625 said...

Dropping by to say hello !!! Great journal, great photos.
Take Care

nolefan38 said...

I love the flowers, I really enjoy reading your post, have a great day. Sherry

eternallife23 said...

I loved the pictures. What pretty flowers. Sorry your steak sucked, I hate it when that happens. I am happy to hear that they had a happy fathers day.
Take Care,

barebytes said...

Hahaha A teenager.....well, guess you'll have to just deal with it when it gets there. But never fear, it's always worse than it seems. or do I have that backwards? hahaha Hugs Lanny

onecrabn3lilfish said...

I loved your pictures!!  You're gonna have to show me one day how to put pictures in the posts like that instead of the way that I do it.  


cacklinrosie101 said...

That's a shame your steaks were so yucky.  We've been there a few times and had great ones.  Miss T is a beauty.  The pool looks great.  Go for it.  You'll love having a pool.'ll never want to go to work, though.  HUGS  Chris

pennietoonz said...

Ahh, that pool looks so refreshing!! Cute pic of T & T and those roses are beautiful!

alphamoon65 said...

loved the pics...I have not opened my pool yet...I keep saying next weekend..pretty soon snow will be on the  My son bought Andy the box set of band of brothers (war movies)  I could strangle them both...machine guns, and ppl dying left and right is what I have heard for 2 days now....wonder if that box set would fit up someones arse...did I say of course take care,

daniella12800 said...

Wow what beautiful set of flowers!!!  Miss. T must have been so happy!  I did not do much for Kevin on Fathers Day.  I let him go do what he wanted basicaly!  Took the girls to a b-day party and he was able to get a break!  Love the pictures!  Talk to ya soon!