Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Try #2 of Welcome Home

Hey Gang.....I sure missed ya'll!

  I tried this entry last night but AOL was in its prime attitude and wouldn't let it post....oh well let's hope it will tonight.

  The view........

 Friday afternoon TnT headed over to the beach house and I came over around 5pm.  After I unpacked we headed over to our favorite pizza/sub joint for dinner.  Yes, Lanny, I even ordered a large one hoping you'd show up for dinner!

 These shells never move...not even in the strongest of winds (that means you too Alberto). 

 Tom & Miss T showing their asssspects and heading over to the surf....

 Miss Tand Annabell

  I found a beached whale!

After soaking up some sun and hitting the showers we set off to the Green Turtle.  There is a guy I know that plays music there, Jimmy Buffet style.  We had an OK meal but like I said to Bill, he was the real reason we were there.

  Looking for shells & such.

 Me chillin after dinner and beer.

Sunday my parents came up (hey it's their house) and so did my lil nephew with his mom and her cousin and her kids (yikes). 

  My Mom.  (She turns 60 this year shhhhhh)Mr Chase says "what do you want Auntie Sharon?"   I said "Let's go to the beach and play in the sand".

  Guess who LOVED the water!  Even though he and I got caught by a wave (yes I went under but I held him high) he still wanted more!  Look at Miss T being the Mother Hen even with his mommy holding him!

 More More!    Here he's taking Miss T's sand outta her bucket and throwing it down.

 Panama Tommy watching from the Sun Deck.  I only got him in the ocean on Sunday.  He claimed the water was cold........sissy mary.

  Whew.....tough day at the beach!

After they left (a mess) we grilled hot dogs and burgers, with baked beans and chili and kraut.  I tell you, it's a rough time when you're chillin by the ocean!

  Legs!  Monday started out great, then turned more overcast as the day went on...good ol Alberto coming forth.  We were planning to go home Monday night anyway.  I did a no-no and went out Monday without shoulders are in pain!  I'm usually pretty anal about sunscreen!

Someone else's kite.  I wanted one too.    I found a starfish.  Tara found the "bone".  She was so afraid of the sand crabs...eeeeking everytime one came out.   The shells are so pretty.  I even found "twin" shells and I thought of my J-land twin sisters, Barbara & Lisa Jo.  See you were with me anyway! 

I was actually glad to get home to my own bed and pillow.  We have a King bed and I'm used to my room....the beach house has a Queen...who knew a Queen bed could be so small!   It began to rain just as we were packing up the truck to come home.  So I guess we timed our departure just right. 

All in all it was good to get away...........

I MISSED YA'LL!!!  Glad to be "home" in J-Land!


queeniemart said...

I love happy you found one that reminded you of me...oh girl i am so jealous but happy for you!! We need to be together lounging on a beach, drinking some exotic drink with an umbrella, listening to some cool music and kicking back. Your mom looks AWESOME!! You look beautiful too....i am so tickled you had this time away and had such a good time and i love the J Land written in sand.
LOVE YOU, lisa jo

mastersblynn said...

I loved the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!etc.  I want to go to the beach so bad!!!! Our beach isn't as pretty though...alot of seaweed and oil.  What does it say under Hi Jland?  Cute!!!  And pizza too!!!
Cute pictures and looks like tons of fun!  Glad you are home!!! Missed ya! Barbara

madcobug said...

Glad you all had a great time before Alberto got there. Great pictures and I love the seashells. Helen

jckfrstross said...

glad you had fun:)


imgr8phil said...

I like the pics.  Looks like you had a splendid time.  Bet you wish you were still there.  Have a good Thursday.


garnett109 said...

looks like a good time was had by all!

chat2missie said...

I can't wait to hit the beach and your pics just make me yearn for it even more.  Looks like you guys had a great time!

barebytes said...

Welcome home and thanks for thinking of my when ordering that sub. But being on the west coast makes it hard for a quick stop by to share a sub. hehehe But I wish it were that easy. Glad you had a great time and take care of that burn. Silly girl, guess we are going to have to strap a bottle of sunscreen to you at all times.  Hugs Lanny

onecrabn3lilfish said...

Wonderful pictures!!!!  Sounds like you all had a great time.  :-)  Needless to say I am very jealous.  LOL.


daniella12800 said...

Thanks for sharing all of those pictures.  I think that is one of my favorite things with these journals is seeing the pictures!  I am happy you had a good time, it looked beautiful!

Still waiting for the picture of your bosses face!! LOL!


radar446 said...

Hi, Penny sent me over.  Just wanted to say that I love the pics from the beach.  I'm heading to the coast in two weeks and I'm getting pumped so seeing the sand really pumped me up.