Wednesday, June 7, 2006

We survived!

Well, the big "scare" of 6/6/06 is over....Miss T asked me last night why all the kids at school and some teachers were talking about this.  So I pointed out to her the "demonic" meaning of the sequence of numbers....she didn't want to hear it.  I also said "isn't it past 3pm?"...."see nothing happened" so it's all a hoax.  Nevertheless, we did see a serious coincidence with the Sept 11th world trade emergency number sequence.  Leave it to some sicko's to do that 911 on I wouldn't put it past the same or similar sicko's to pull off a 666 stunt......or would that just be too obvious now.

I have a new job description to add to my resume........the boss brought in 4 pair of pants for me to affix a button and mend the pockets where his keys had poked through........ we are now officially the "office wives".  It is funny this circus I work for.

I received the official summer schedule for dance yesterday.  Thursdays are to be the mandantory "ballet" classes for all competing company members who are in lyrical, jazz or ballet company.  Tara also wants to pick up a hip hop class too and get back into acrobatics.  I'm glad for the acro, she is very limber, I  mean, this kid can get BOTH feet behind her head at the SAME TIME!  Just kills me!  At least the summer program will give her the opportunity to "try out" the hip hop to see if she really wants to do this.  There's not much "soul" in her moves if ya know what I mean....not too much rhythm there.  But she is very gracefull at ballet/lyrical (Mz Drama Queen) and quite the sassy Jazz kid.  The director even mentioned that she'd be great with a Jazz solo...Miss T has that lean dancer line body..not chunky, actually her ribs and hip bones stick out like mine did at her age.....oh those were the days.  (I graduated HS at 105lbs; 5'7" they called me Twig)

School has just 2 more days left...YIPPEE!!!!  After dance last night we went to Lisa Jo's fav CB for dinner, then I went over to Target to look for some teacher gifts.  I picked up some cucumber mellon candles, some note pads and a pen for each teacher. 

Also yesterday morning I did a Boo Boo.....I was rolling along my way to work enjoying Barbara's CD, hitting the repeat button, just as happy as can be.  I realized when I was 2 miles from the office that I was supposed to go to an attorney's office NEAR MY HOME that morning........turn around, go back!  Mind you we're talking 15 miles one way.  OH well, that just gave me more time to listen to Barbara's awesome CD, so not much of a loss there!!

I should be happy to be going to the beach house this weekend.  We'll be there from Friday through Tuesday, so don't send out any APB's on me....I'll be soaking up some sun, relaxing and reading hopefully.  Maybe a little fishing.  Maybe even my Mom will bring up my fun.  I am so glad my parents picked up another beach house....we were devastated when they sold the other one.  (can someone say "spoiled"?)  I've looked around my house and I see all these things that I need to do...and should be doing instead of going over to the beach.  SOMEBODY SLAP ME!  I'M GOING TO THE BEACH --- THIS MESS WILL BE HERE WHEN I GET BACK!

I did stop by the Bernina (sewing) place yesterday because they advertised a week of beginner sewing that Miss T was interested in doing....but they are all full with a waiting list!  But while I was there, boy did I spy some nice machines.  I do need to get rid of the one I have (Satan's spawn) and replace it with one of these push button, do it all for you machines.....sweeeeeet.  At the end of the summer classes they sell the student machines at about $100 off their retail....I'll be pondering the purchase.  They also will do classes on serging...I have a new (bought it last August) White serger and I would LOVE to take the classes so that I can get the most out of my machine.

I should probably make myself a "to do" or "want to do" list and post it where I can see it complete with a picture of the deed.  Motivational list kinda.  It should start with CLEAN UP THE HOUSE AND GET ORGANIZED FIRST! so that you can do the Want To list.  I don wanna.............


newsworthy822 said...

Hailey was very fearful about the 6-6-06 thing. we had many conversations about it. i kept telling her god was stronger than the devil. then this morning she woke up and as soon as she opened her eyes she said,"NOTHING HAPPENED!" LOL

Hailey loves hip hop dance. She is the opposite of your T. Doesn't have the dancer's body, but very good and soulful with the moves. I am glad she found a style that works for her. That was nice of you to get little gifts for the teachers. I should've thought of that!
Have a great Wednesday!

garnett109 said...

There was alot of commotion on 666 here in my house , you see I have the Devil in me, yesterday my Debbie just slapped the hell out of me and that did the trick!

barebytes said...

Oh sure, and eat sub sandwiches too I bet!  Enjoy your weekend. Hmmm, a girl can get both her feet behind her head at the same time???? Usually there is always one in the mouth hahaha  Hugs Lanny

chat2missie said...

That's right!  Everyone was making a big deal out of 6/6/06.  Not me.  I didn't even realize what the date was yesterday. LOL.  Have a good night.

queeniemart said...

I hope you all enjoyed your CB. Think of me while sunning it at the beach go and have a great time! I didnt even know it was 6/6/06. Whoopee.
love you,lisa

jckfrstross said...

yes the big scare lol you know we have 4 6s in our phone number i have always thought that was weird. enjoy the beach and think of me sweating my butt off here in colorado its been in the 90s this week yucky.


cacklinrosie101 said...

I did hear some talk of the 666 thing but didnt' pay much attention.  Boy, I really wish I had a beach house or even a beach close by.  How nice that will be for you.  Have fun mending until the  HUGS  Chris

onecrabn3lilfish said...

I saw the blip on AOL about 6/6/06 but I refused to read it otherwise I would have been thinking about it constantly. Stuff like that freaks me out.  Anyway, thanks for reminding me about teacher gifts.  I forgot all about it.  I'll join you with getting organized.  My mind and my stuff are scattered all over.  My apartment is so far from being organized it would be easier just to move and start over something else.  


mastersblynn said...

Sorry I made you late LOL  Glad you like the music...the repeat button huh?  I am so honored. Barbara