Sunday, June 4, 2006

Sunday Night

So here we are at the end of another weekend.  Friday I had a meeting with the dance studio about the summer schedule and the upcoming recital.  The competing company dance mom's always meet with the Director and teachers to go over a few things and see where we can improve.  One thing I know we need to stress is for the kids to stay together when it is close to time to perform.  At the last competition the kids were about 3 numbers from going on and one little girl runs off to get her MOM!  Help...I was running around trying to find her!  Geesh!

After the meeting I called my friend Holly to see if we were still on for dinner.  Oh yes!  We met at a mutal favorite restaurant only to be surprised to find it scarce of people --- very unusual, people are usually waiting for a table.  We ordered our favorite dishes and to my surprise (again) it was not good....the cheese seemed to have seen better days, so I complained.  Didn't have to pay for it and they gave me free turtle cheesecake too!

We strolled around the local WM just looking around.  My Mom called and said "if you happen to see a swing" get it for my nephew.  Holly is a computer we talked tech stuff and about gadgets and about my computer needs at home.  My system is, well, in need of a face lift!  I'm putting things onto a zip drive just in case it decides to go to the great beyond for puters.

Saturday, Miss T was to go to a birthday party at an outdoor pool.  Unfortunately it was cancelled due to rain, but we didn't get the call.  So another kid was also nearby (who didn't get the call either) and I said "let me take them to the YWCA to swim then I'll take her home" and the Dad said Cool!  Easy enough. I let them swim for about 2 hrs then took the girl home. 

Back home we grilled steaks for dinner..Miss T's request.  My Nanny came over to eat with us.  Then I was off to Mom's to deliver the swing and run through her computer programs for her...clean some things out and show her some things like POGO and I was able to show her my lil bro's myspace blog site....interesting info on there.

Sunday was lazy.......Tom cooked a delicious breakfast.  My bestest friend in the whole wide world, Cindilouwho, was able to find a buyer for her camper, which has been sitting in my yard for 4 years.  So they came today while I was shopping to take it away.  Boy does the yard look lonely now.  But I'm glad it's gone.  I found a picture for the spot over my piano and DH picked up a nightscape of NY City.  I also got one for Miss T's room with kitty cats on it.

Tom called his daughters tonight, got voice mails on both, but then an immediate call back from the youngest.  She had a surprise for him...she is moving to California with boyfriend!  They've just bought a house and she'll be going out there in!  She's only 23.  The oldest girl is 30 and she's just this year moved in with her boyfriend and they are planning to marry official word yet, but I'm sure it will happen.  They don't talk to me......long story, not my fault, honestly!  I'm not the wicked step-Mom.  They're just misguided kids thanks to their Mom (Lanny - you'll understand that one!). 

Tom's relationship with the girls was damaged many, many years ago and he's been trying to repair it.  Some 7 years ago the oldest hung up on him after calling him ugly names because he wouldn't "give" her an apartment that he and X still owned.  Spoiled brat....he tried to explain to her that 1) you just don't "give" these things and 2) the divorce said it had to be sold.....HELLO??!!  She quit talking to him and me.  Tom sent her a letter to explain it further and we never heard from her again.  It wasn't until hubby's sister was getting married in 2004 that the wheels were put into motion to get back on track.  No, they didn't come to the wedding.  By that Christmas they were back to talking to their Dad, but it was like a "walking on eggshells" kinda talk.  They have not seen each other in 10 years.  Can you imagine?  The girls didn't even go to their G'ma's funeral in 1997 (in FL).  They have not seen any family members (on Dad's side) in 10+ years until last year when the oldest girl went to see Tom's niece last Thanksgiving at the urging of their Aunt, Tom's sister.

Well, I didn't mean to go there with this entry, but there you have it in a nutshell.  Dysfunctional Families R Us!  We're like a friggin soap opera with all our drama and divorces and remarries and attitudes ..... step's here and biological's there....and don't forget about the twin that you've never met, Barbara and Lisa Jo....................

Love to all in J-land!



onecrabn3lilfish said...

Sorry to hear about Tom's relationship with his 2 daughters.  It's insane how some people take divorce out on the kids and try to get the kids on their side.  I hope he can repair some of the damage his ex wife caused.  

Glad to see you have had a pretty good weekend.  Free cheesecake!  LOL.  Can't beat that.  :-)


mastersblynn said...

Wow!  Busy weekend!  Hey your cd will probably be in your mailbox tomorrow!!! Your twin, Barbara

queeniemart said...

I want to be skinny like you if i am your twin. Man, the world aint big enough of there is another one of me walking around. I loved this entry....i think its cool when we get on a rant and spill some dish on the inlaws or family.
Toms kids sound like a treat...their mom must have been a real peach. Someday they will regret big time what they have missed with Tom's family.
I loved taking my kids to swim at the Y..we used to have a membership. So nice of you to take that girl.
Too bad that your restuarant sucked...but good for you for getting a free dessert.

jckfrstross said...

don't feel bad our family(the inlaw side) is screwed up also LOL enjoy your week


xxroxymamaxx said...

Don't worry we all have some disfunctions. lol  Glad you got out with your friend!  Hugs and GBU, Shelly

randlprysock said...

Hi Sharon,
This entry sounds just like my family.  We have two stepdaughters we haven't seen much either for the past four years.  One time we've been together.  Definitely egg shells.  They would probably say it was my fault cuz Rob married me and heaven forbid he remarry after his wife left him for someone else.   He is a good man and deserved to move on but not according to the girls.  So needless to say, the first few years of our married life were a bit of a living hell.  But we survived and let them live with their mom but I think they still pretty much hate us.  Oh well.  I do the best I can to send gifts and cards and that is that.  I tried to be a great stepmom but it was to no avail. I'm glad I don't have to live on egg shells everyday anymore.  Aren't these weekends just too short??? Hugs,

cacklinrosie101 said...

Sounds like a good weekend. Believe you me, just about every family is dysfunctional.  Being divorced, my ex is a nut case but I never said a word about him.  I let my kids figure him out for themselves.  They still see him but he makes no effort to do anything for them or call them.  At least Tom is trying and the fences are mending.  HUGS  Chris

garnett109 said...

what the heck is turtle cheese cake?

newsworthy822 said...

I have a new & "different" family now too with all of Mike's relatives. My family isn't too big, so this is really new for me. He has three brothers, a sister & three step sisters...and lots of them are coming out of the woodwork now that we are selling his dad's house. There are also a few of them who like to get in my business. It seems everyones favorite topic of conversation is "what happened to my job" or "where are you working now?' I stand there and squirm while I tell the story for the millionth time.  But I digress! Hope you have a great Monday.

daniella12800 said...

My you had a very busy weekend..I am tired just from reading about it!!:0)

I know all about family drama!!!  I try to keep out of it best I can.  :0)